Each IWA  is handmade,with stoneware cooked at 1.250 degrees, and glazed one by one. That is why each one of its nuances are unique and its textures unrepeatable. There is not a IWA like another.

Year: 2017

Collection: Nothing is as it seems



The story of each IWA begins on the wheel and is developed during the next three weeks.

“The time the material needs to be transformed is requested by the material. The one it demands. You as an artisan can practise some techiques, experience with heat or start up chemical experiments for future glazing. However, part of that time uncontrollable. And that is why differences arise.”

That is what makes each Bōru being so special and each IWA unique, differente and unrepeatable.

Additional information


This Boru is prepared for alimentary use. It can also be used in the microwave and be cleaned in the dishwasher. As you want. Whatever you want to.

Aprox. Dim.

20 cm of diameter x 9cm high


Stoneware and design and own formula glaze. High temperature.